Complex Divorce Property Division Settlement in Florida

If your divorce case is likely to involve difficult property division issues concerning family business or high net worth assets, military pension benefits, or disputes as to the status of particular assets as marital or separate property, contact the Jacksonville divorce settlement attorneys at Makofka & Makofka. Our experience and understanding of Florida marital property law can help ensure that your position is well represented in the litigation or negotiated settlement of even the most complex property division problems.

As an equitable distribution state, Florida gives judges in divorce cases a great deal of flexibility in determining property division disputes between the spouses. In order to protect your interests most effectively, it is essential to clarify the status of any disputed asset as marital or separate property, and also to identify an accurate value for the asset. Once the marital estate is properly defined and assessed, it is then possible to work toward a favorable settlement or when necessary, and present your claims in court at a contested hearing of your property division claims.

Property Division

The following are among the assets or procedural considerations that can complicate the division of marital property in a Florida divorce:

• Commingled accounts that mix separate property with marital property;
• Assets used in a family business or closely held corporation;
• Pension or retirement benefits, including military pensions and allowances;
• Substantial transfers of assets shortly before or after the divorce petition is filed;
• Enforcing or disputing the terms of a prenuptial or postnuptial agreement;
• Drafting and enforcing qualified domestic relations orders (QDROs);
•Valuation of investment properties, multiple residential or vacation properties, art collections, or other unique assets.

We work with highly skilled accountants, appraisers, real estate professionals, and other forensic experts to make sure that we can work from accurate values in dividing your marital estate. If necessary, we can also go to court to prevent your spouse from transferring assets or manipulating family business operations to your disadvantage.

In many cases, marital property division problems are negotiated and resolved at the same time as the settlement of alimony or spousal support issues. Concessions on one side can be balanced by gains on the other. Our experience with property division, child support, and alimony disputes can give you a distinct advantage toward the favorable resolution of the financial issues involved in your divorce.

For more information, contact a knowledgeable marital property division lawyer at Makofka & Makofka in Jacksonville.