Florida Commercial Vehicle and Semi-Truck Accident Lawyer

At the Jacksonville personal injury law firm of Makofka & Makofka, we represent persons who have suffered injuries in accidents involving semi trucks and other commercial vehicles. We represent local truck accident victims, motorists from out of state who were hurt in the I-10 or I-95 corridor in Florida, and Floridians who were injured in truck accidents that occurred in other states. For a free consultation about your claim, contact one of our personal injury attorneys.

Truck Accident Lawyers Jacksonville

Our experience with the investigation and proof of complex accident cases helps us provide comprehensive client service for persons injured in truck accidents. Collisions involving tractor-trailer combinations and other vehicles involved in interstate commerce are normally covered by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations, which prescribes rules limiting the hours a driver can be on the road, requirements for regular inspection and maintenance of the truck, and other rules intended to reduce some of the danger involved in sharing the road with 40-ton vehicles traveling at high speed.

We represent truck accident victims in such situations as the following:

• Collisions with 18 wheelers and other big rigs
• Logging truck accidents
• Accidents involving oversize or overweight vehicles
• Collisions with delivery vans, moving trucks, work trucks, courier vehicles, construction vehicles, light trucks used in contracting or landscaping, or other trucks or vans in commercial use.

Whether the cause of your accident involved driver fatigue, overloading, speeding, or improper safety equipment, we also devote close attention to the proof of your damages to make sure that your present and future treatment needs will be covered.

Our lawyers work with forensic experts not only to prove the facts indicating liability, but also to show the need for surgery, in-home care, adaptive technology, physical rehabilitation, and other essential services for persons with severe brain injuries or spinal cord damage.

At Makofka & Makofka, we also represent the surviving families of fatal truck accident victims in wrongful death lawsuits under Florida law. To learn more about our approach to personal injury litigation involving truck and commercial vehicle accidents, contact us in Jacksonville for a free consultation.