Divorce and Family Law Attorney

For nearly two decades, Makofka and Makofka have been handling family law and divorce for those located in the Jacksonville, Florida area. We have dedicated our entire careers to Florida families, ensuring that they have the representation that they deserve, no matter the situation. Our main goal is to ensure you receive the best representation possible, so as to protect your rights while keeping your families well-being in mind.

Our Legal Philosophy

Our top priority is to be your advocate. We take pride in supporting you through what may be one of the most difficult times in your life. Divorce, child support, alimony, time sharing and other family law related issues can be devastating to your way of life. We are not just here to help with the court proceedings and to help file the right paperwork, we are here as mentors and confidants as well. This is a delicate area of law, and we treat each case as it should be treated, with care, understanding, and compassion.

With these aspects in mind, when you come into the offices of Makofka and Makofka you are going to find more than just a stuffy law office. You are going to see that we want you to be comfortable and to feel safe in the environment that we have provided.

Experience Matters

Unlike some other attorneys, we have several years of real experience in this area. Both attorneys in this office trained under one of Jacksonville’s most experienced family law lawyers, Lester Makofka, who, prior to retiring in the spring of 2014, had over 25 years experience in the field, handling hundreds of cases during that time. The lessons learned as a result of that tutelage are applied in every one of our cases, and we pride ourselves on that depth of experience! Before you hire a lawyer for your case, be sure ask them to provide you with a summary of his or her experience.

Have they actually ever tried a divorce case? How many? Have they ever mediated one? Appealed one? Does the attorney know how to handle divorce cases involving complex marital estates, or high net worth individuals? Can they tell you how to divide a military or retirement pension? What about military divorces? We have handled these types of cases and many others over the years, and we are experienced.

Our Promise to You

You can rest assured that when you come to Makofka and Makofka, you are choosing one of the most dedicated law firms in the state of Florida. We are going to take your case seriously, listen to you, and then give you advice that we would use ourselves. Our clients and their cases are special to us. We want you to feel safe and comfortable knowing that we are working for you. Contact Makofka and Makofka today about any family law matter in the Northeast Florida Courts.

We are here to protect you and your family!

Don’t simply hire someone who claims to know family law. Ask them to prove it.

Over 25 Years of Family Law Experience

We have successfully represented clients in nearly every form of family and marital law imaginable. We are qualified to assist with any family law problem, no matter how small or large. From cases involving complex financial issues, to cases involving the protection of children, we have the experience necessary to provide the help that you need. Some of the specific areas of practice that we handle include:

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