Looking to Find a Divorce Lawyer in Jacksonville?

Divorce can be difficult. We’ve helped hundreds of families find a peaceful dissolution of their marriage. We realize that it might be daunting to find a divorce lawyer in Jacksonville that you can trust, so we’ve put together some information that might help with research prior to selecting the right attorney.

Florida Is A “No-Fault” Divorce Jurisdiction

It may come as a surprise to many, but Florida is what is known as a “no-fault” divorce jurisdiction. This means that the only grounds that either party need show to obtain a divorce from the other is that the marriage is “irretrievably broken,” meaning that it cannot be saved under any circumstances. It is therefore not necessary to establish for example, that one spouse is “cheating” or has abandoned the marriage. Nor does one need the “permission” of the other spouse to obtain a divorce in Florida, a question about which we are asked all the time. If the marriage is shown to be irretrievably broken, and the filing party has been a permanent, continuous resident of Florida for a period of six months preceding the filing of the divorce action, then the Court must grant the divorce. Under some circumstances however, the Court does have the discretion however, to require that the parties attend some form of counseling in an effort to save the marriage, before it will agree to grant the divorce.

Best Divorce Attorneys JacksonvilleFor highly personalized and attentive client service in a divorce case or any other family law problem, contact a Jacksonville family law attorney at Makofka & Makofka. We’re family ourselves, and we understand what is at stake at stake in your case. Choosing a divorce attorney isn’t simply about ‘best price.’ Our lawyers have several years combined experience handling divorce actions and can help you identify the practical and legal problems that your divorce case will involve. At the same time, we can advise you as to your rights and responsibilities with respect to every issue that your case will present.

A Practical Approach & The Attention You Deserve

Our practical and flexible approach to the resolution of property division, time sharing/custody, property division, child support, parenting time, and other problems that most divorcing couples must resolve can help you achieve your objectives while keeping the stress and expense of your divorce down to a reasonable level.

While most contested issues in a divorce are settled between the spouses without the need for a court hearing, we also recognize that some issues cannot be settled and must be presented to a judge for resolution. When any problem in your divorce appears headed for court, you can depend on us to present your case in the most persuasive terms possible, with the full support of the facts and legal authorities that favor your position.

Many contested issues in Florida divorce cases, especially those involving children, must be submitted to mediation before the court will conduct a trial on the dispute. Our preparation for your mediation session will allow you to negotiate from a position of strength based on a solid understanding of the legal rights that apply to your core objectives.

Florida Divorce Law and the Appeal Process

The divorce case does not always end with a trial. Often times one or both sides of the case will appeal the Court’s ruling and that is where we can also help. Our attorneys have sought and achieved impressive results for clients in appeals of Family Court decisions. If you think that the judge ruled against you in error, or if you need to defend a divorce decree that your former spouse is appealing, his understanding of Florida family law and the demands of the appellate process can help you protect your interests on appeal.

Our divorce lawyers can advise you on all issues from interim support arrangements during a period of separation to modification of child custody or support arrangements after the divorce decree.

We have been handling divorce cases in Jacksonville since 1998, and we are here to help! If you have question about your legal rights in a divorce case, do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.
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