Child Support Lawyers in Jacksonville, FL

Child support is one of the most common areas of family law. This is because child support is an issue not only present in most divorce cases, but also in every paternity case. Although child support is so common in family law cases, it is also a complex are of the law that often times requires an experienced child support attorney looking out for the best interests of you and your family.

The Florida child support guidelines are contained in §61.30 of the Florida Statutes. The guidelines set out the framework for all child support calculations. One look at the guidelines, and it will become clear just how complex the calculations can be. That is where we can help.

We Have Handled Hundreds of Child Support Cases in Florida


At Makofka and Makofka, our child support attorneys have the experience and knowledge to make sure that your child support is calculated the right way, taking into consideration every factor that the law allows. Whether you are requesting child support, or someone is requesting it from you, we can help. We have represented hundreds of people on both sides of the equation and from all walks of life. From single mothers who are not receiving the help that they deserve, to fathers who have not been receiving treatment, we can help with any child support situation.

Have you already been to court and feel that your child support order isn’t correct? We might be able to help. Our attorneys use the exact same child support software that the judges use. We consider all of the relevant child support inputs allowed by law such as each parties’ incomes, health insurance, union dues, day care, and even child support paid in other cases. If the court has made a mistake, we can help you have it fixed. Many of the cases that come to us do involve incorrect child support calculations. This is especially common in cases involving Child Support Enforcement and the Department of Revenue. Child support cases initiated by the Department of Revenue and Child Support Enforcement often times to not involve the required amount of fact-finding necessary to accurately calculate support unless you have skilled representation.

Calculating Child Support

Did you know that child support calculations now take into consideration the number of overnights that your child spends with you? If your child spends more than 20% of his or her overnights with you, then you are entitled to a reduction in your child support. This reduction gets larger for every overnight that you have with your child. For instance, with all other inputs being equal, a person who has their child 30% of the time will pay less child support than someone who has their child 20% of the time. In order for this deduction to be considered by the court, the overnights have to be court-ordered. Fortunately, this is a service that we also provide.

So if you are wanting child support, are paying child support, or are about to be placed on child support, we can help. Contact us today for a free consultation.