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This firm is here for one reason. To help others. That’s it.

Before you hire any Family Law Attorney, be sure to ask them about their level of work experience. Then ask yourself, do they have the kind that we do? What we do as lawyers, as brothers, is bring our wealth of knowledge to the table and help our clients. We have handled and tried all kinds of cases over the years, both civil and criminal. From traffic tickets, to Federal drug trafficking cases, no matter is too small or large.

We have defended people facing life in prison. We have protected abused spouses. We have defended the falsely accused. We have helped parents and children find peace in the midst of ugly divorce and child custody cases. We have fought to protect millions of dollars of assets. We have helped those injured by the neglect and carelessness of others. Our list of cases goes on and on.


Jacksonville Divorce and Family Lawyers Representing Clients in Duval, St. Johns, Clay & Nassau Counties

Because our family relationships are so closely woven into our professional work, we are quick to see how your family law problem can affect your family as well. Obviously, divorce cases directly involve the dissolution of relationships between spouses, but we work to protect your continuing relationship with your children in divorce and paternity cases while at the same time protecting your material interests. We utilize our experience and put an emphasis on communicating with our clients through any family law issue to represent you favorably and help keep you informed.

Similarly, personal injury cases – especially those resulting in disabling or fatal accidents, car accidents, or trucking accidents; can change families forever. We do our best to help you and your family through the crisis of a serious injury case while we work to maximize your compensation in the courts.

Whether your case involves civil litigation or criminal defense, we do our best to keep you informed and engaged about your rights, your strategic options, and the progress of your case through the justice system. We pride ourselves on the premium we place on accessibility, prompt client service, & the most strategic aggressive defense of your constitutional rights.

In most cases, we offer a free initial consultation because we feel that it is important to meet our clients and talk about the ways that we can help. We also want you to feel comfortable with our team as take our stand up for your best interests.

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