Florida Dog Bites – Slip and Fall – Negligent Security

Many accidents are caused by the failure of the owner of private property to maintain their building or land in a safe condition. Lawsuits alleging injuries due to dangerous property conditions are known as premises liability claims, and the personal injury attorneys of Makofka & Makofka can help you achieve the financial compensation you need while recovering from serious bodily harm. For a free consultation about an accident claim involving a dog bite, a dangerous construction site, or an unmonitored retail parking lot, contact one of our lawyers in Jacksonville.

Premise Liability

We can advise and represent you for the recovery of damages in premises liability situations such as the following:

• Unsafe structural conditions concerning stairways, porches, balconies, or overhead assemblies
• Falls on slippery floors or in unlit hallways
• Swimming pool accidents, including drowning
• Criminal attacks or sexual assaults in apartment buildings, hotels, parking garages, night clubs, or university campuses
• Dog bite accidents or other attacks by dangerous animals
• Injuries suffered by building contractors, home repair technicians, or landscapers

Whether your premises liability accident involved a dog bite or a fall in a big box store, both the law relating to your claim and the facts necessary to prove negligence can be very complicated. For example, the rules relating to proof of liability when a child is injured on dangerous property are somewhat different from those covering cases when an adult is the victim. Our experience with the investigation and proof of complex negligence facts can give your claim an advantage both in settlement negotiations and at trial. Our lawyers have also achieved excellent results on appeal for our premises liability clients.

For a free consultation about your rights in any injury case resulting from dangerous property or building conditions, contact a premises liability attorney at Makofka & Makofka in Jacksonville.