Jacksonville Violent Crime Defense Attorney

Violent crimes are a real problem in our community. No one can dispute that fact. Turn on the television, and rarely does a day go by without some news story talking about a person getting shot, robbed, beaten or violently assaulted in our community. As a result, the police and various prosecutorial agencies of Northeast Florida, have begun to actively clamp down on so-called violent criminals. Often this translates into aggressive prosecutorial tactics and requests for lengthy prison sentences. If someone is injured as a result of a violent crime, then the punishment sought for that defendant can be even greater. Why take the chance that the prosecutor won’t do his or her job effectively in handling the case? They will most assuredly fight for what they think is right.

Accused of a Violent Crime? Know Your Rights!


The accused however also needs an advocate, someone who is in their corner, fighting for their best interests. That is what our firm is all about: helping those in need. Just because a person is charged with a crime, that does not mean they have done anything wrong. People in this country are still afforded the presumption of innocence in every criminal prosecution in the land, which means they are innocent unless and until proven guilty by the prosecutor. Prosecutors are not always able to prove their cases, and accused people go free, vindicated under our system of justice.

Someone You Know Been Wrongfully Accused? We Can Help.

People who have done nothing wrong are sometimes wrongfully accused, and implicated in cases just as if they were guilty. This can occur because of faulty witness recollections or identifications. Sometimes it is the result of shoddy police work. Sometimes it is both. Whatever the case, if you or someone you know has been wrongfully accused of a violent crime, they need help right away. At Makofka and Makofka, we stand ready to right the wrong, and see that justice is done.

In cases where it appears that a violent crime has been committed, there are often justifications for the use of force that might otherwise explain and in some instances make legal that use of force. The so-called “stand your ground” doctrine in Florida was created to account for just those types of scenarios. It is important to understand your legal rights when it comes to someone being charged with a violent crime in this jurisdiction. We are here to help with these cases.

Fact-Based Defense on Your Behalf

If you or someone you know is facing serious state charges of homicide, aggravated assault, domestic battery, or even federal weapons charges, contact an experienced Florida criminal defense lawyer at Makofka & Makofka in Jacksonville. Our experience with the investigation and trial of serious violent felony crimes can help reduce your exposure to punishment and help you get beyond the trouble you’re facing now.

Our defense of serious crimes begins with investigation of the facts. We not only make a careful review of the evidence against you, we can also make an independent investigation to find the facts and witnesses that can support your side of the story. Our ability to intervene early in your case gives us the opportunity to work with the prosecution in order to make sure that the most serious potential charges against you are never even brought in the first place.

Among the violent crime charges we can handle are the following:

• Homicide, aiding and abetting homicide, or accessory to homicide
• Aggravated or simple assault or battery
• Illegal possession of a firearm
• Carjacking
• Kidnapping
• Weapons charges associated with drug crimes or sex crimes that can lengthen the sentence upon conviction
• Use of a firearm in furtherance of a federal offense

While we are often able to reach a mutually satisfactory resolution of violent crime charges through negotiation with the prosecution, we can also take the case to trial if we have the facts to work with, or if no acceptable plea offer can be obtained from the government. We can give your defense the strongest presentation possible before the jury.

For a free consultation about our ability to represent you against Florida assault allegations or federal weapons charges, contact a criminal defense lawyer at Makofka & Makofka in Jacksonville.