Florida Traffic Tickets Defense & Civil Traffic Violations

Have you been picked up for a traffic violation? Besides the high cost of a ticket, the traffic violation you have been charged with may increase your insurance premiums. In the long run, the costs associated with a traffic violation can add up.

At Makofka & Makofka, we offer clients in the Northeast Florida area solid, cost-effective traffic ticket defense. To find out more, contact us online or call us at 904.355.2700.

Have You Been Charged With any of the Following Traffic Violations?

• Speeding
• Careless driving
• Running a red light
• Running a stop sign
• Failure to yield
• No child safety seat
• Seatbelt violations
• No proof of insurance
• Unknowingly driving on a suspended license

If so, our traffic ticket defense lawyers can work to help you avoid the negative consequences of a ticket: fines, insurance premium increases, and a mark on your driving record. Our lawyers will provide you with a strong voice in traffic court, aiming to avoid the negative consequences that come along with a traffic ticket.


We also handle criminal traffic violations, including DUI / drunk driving defense, reckless driving, and knowingly driving on a suspended license.

Car Interior Pulled Over for SpeedingWhy go with us?


In most cases, we are able to receive a withhold of adjudication for our clients. This means that you will not be found guilty of the traffic offense and no points will go on your license as a result of the alleged violation. Additionally, we are often able to obtain a reduced fine for our clients, as well as an extended period of time to pay the reduced fine. We have been handling traffic defense matters for many years and have the experience that your particular situation may require.


For your convenience, we are able to help most of our clients without even having to schedule an office consult. We are happy to take your information and payment right over the telephone. For most cases, once we have been hired, we will obtain a court date and appear in court on your behalf, with no further involvement necessary from your end. It is that easy. This can be quite useful for all of our clients, but especially those from out of town.


In our experience in handling traffic tickets, our price is well worth it to avoid a conviction, subsequent points on your license, and increased insurance premiums. Plus, as mentioned above, we can often obtain a reduced fine for our clients and an extended period of time to pay the reduced fine.

Contact us to find out about our low fee for handling traffic tickets, contact our traffic ticket defense lawyers at 904.355.2700, or contact us online.

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