Sex Crimes and Sex Offender Lawyers in Florida State and Federal Courts

Contact an experienced Jacksonville criminal defense attorneys at Makofka & Makofka if you are facing serious state or federal charges involving any of the following sex crimes or charges:

• Date rape or acquaintance rape
• Indecent exposure, stalking, or intimidation
• Possession of child pornography
• Sexual assault or sexual battery
• Unlawful sexual conduct with a minor
• Statutory rape

Our experience with the defense and trial of serious sex crime charges in both the state and federal systems can give you a significant advantage to the favorable resolution of allegations pending against you. You need experienced attorneys working hard on your side, because when it comes to sex offenses, the stakes are very high and can have a permanent effect on one’s life and future.

Sex Crime Laws FLConsider the Following Possible Aftermath of Sex Crimes:

• The possibility of a lengthy prison term of imprisonment
• The imposition of a term of probation
• The payment of stiff fines
• Registration as a sexual offender
• Requirement of attending rehabilitation classes
• Difficulty finding a job or even a place to live
• Severe social stigma/vindictive neighbors

As serious as these penalties and consequences are, it is no less serious to see a person wrongfully convicted by the vindictive actions of a former spouse, or jealous lover. We have seen cases over the years where evidence was created essentially out of thin air just to damage a person’s reputation and to have them arrested out of anger, where the client committed no criminal act whatsoever. To that end, the news media is constantly awash with stories of celebrities who are accused of sexual crimes and one frequently wonders whether they in fact committed the crime, or if they are just being targeted because of their wealth and celebrity. Did the alleged victim consent, or were they forcibly raped? We fight hard to protect the rights of the accused in sex cases and to prevent anyone from being wrongfully convicted.

Every Second Counts After Sexual Assault Accusations – Act Now!

Getting to the bottom of what actually occurred is critical in the defense of a person charged with a sex crime. Every second counts. Your defense needs to start as soon as the victim cries foul. This means evidence needs to be collected and preserved, witnesses interviewed, and sometimes even the scene of the crime visited, if at all possible by the defense. The police and prosecutors will certainly be doing just that. Why not have a defense lawyer working hard on your side of the case?

Attorneys Presenting Your Strongest Possible Defense

Our understanding of the evidence necessary to convict a defendant of any state or federal sex crime helps us spot the weaknesses in the prosecution’s case and present your strongest possible defense. In cases where we have the ability to go to work for you in the earliest stages, we can frequently negotiate a favorable resolution of the case based on our prompt investigation of the factual and legal circumstances. Because many sex crimes carry minimum mandatory sentences, our ability to work toward reduced or dismissed charges can make a critically important difference to the outcome of your case.

Whether you are facing charges of sexual assault under Florida law or federal possession of child pornography charges, we can help you at trial or on appeal.

Contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer at Makofka & Makofka in Jacksonville for a free consultation about your legal alternatives when dealing with any sex crime.